Handy Handouts

Handouts utilized by Street Giraffe Telepractice Group:

CCC:  ‘Streetify’ Expressions of Feelings/Needs

Radical Compassion:  Matrix | Pathways to Liberation

 Radical Compassion:  Three Layers of Empathy (doc)

NVC Academy-Mary Mackenzie:  Daily Needs Meditation

ZENVC.org’s  The Yoga of Self-Connection (PDF format)

 ZENVC  Journal (PDF format)

ZENVC:  Communication Flow Chart (PDF format)

ZENVC:  “iGiraffe”

 Gonzales:  Preparation for Authentic Dialogue

Gonzales:  Compassionately Embracing & Transformation Process

Gonzales:  Transforming the Pain of Unmet Needs to the Beauty of the Needs


BayNVC:  Connection Requests (doc)

BayNVC:  “How To” Colloquialize (Description of Exercises)

Miki Kashtan:  Consciousness Transformation – Core Commitments

Key Assumptions & Intentions of NVC (via BayNVC.org)

BayNVC:  Worksheets & Journals

Practice: Transforming Judgments and Enemy Images – BayNVC

John Kinyon’s Feelings & Needs sheet

John Kinyon:  Breath, Body, Need

John Kinyon:  Self-Empathy with the Enemy Image Process

Translating Faux Feelings

John Kinyon:  Enemy Image Process Worksheet

Dissolving Enemy Imagery – Francois Beausoleil

Working with Enemy Imagery with Jeff Brown

SeedofPeace.org  Tree-of-Compassionate-Connection

Kate Raffin:  Giraffe and Jackal Journal

Kate Raffin:  Flowers, Tears & Lightbulbs Journal

(attributions further beneath)


Cartoons via http://anvc.svenhartenstein.de

Dialogue is a conversation … the outcome of which is unknown.”  — Martin Buber

The Center for Collaborative Communication’s
‘Streetfiy’ Expressions of Feelings/Needs

(courtesy of the work of Jim & Jori Manske of RadicalCompassion.com)

Self-Assessment-Matrix (Matrix via www.pathwaystoliberation.net)

(courtesy of the work of Miki Kashtan – see BayNVC.org for further details/copyright)

The Fearless Heart: Core Commitments

Connection-Requests doc

Video: How to Draw a Cartoon Giraffe | eHow.com

FYI ~ Other NVC Learning Venues

The Center for Nonviolent Communication

NVC Academy – Nonviolent Communication eLearning, Training 

BayNVC – Bay Area Nonviolent Communication

The Fearless Heart

ZENVC : Offering the Wisdom of NVC & Zen Buddhism

Radical Compassion – Welcome

Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate Leadership’s free teleclasses

Robert Gonzales at Living-Compassion.org

John Kinyon | Conflict to Connection

Mediate Your Life — Grace under pressure. Serenity in the face of Intensity

The Center for Collaborative Communication – NYC

Welcome | Capital NVC – D.C.

Interdependent Soul Consulting

Giraffe Juice

NVC Australia

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