Street Giraffe Consciousness

“Say as you think and speak it from your souls.” ~ William Shakespeare

Most quarrels amplify a misunderstanding.
– Andre Gide

NVC Model (courtesy of

The 2 Parts and 4 Components of NVC

NVC Model

Two monologues do not make a dialogue.
–Jeff Daly

[PDF] The Feeling Wheel

ZENVC’s Universal Needs Geometry (PDF format)

Giraffe Fighting (courtesy of Miki Kashtan)

Notice several situations where disagreements/tensions/conflict occur:

  1. Write down examples of what you said during these interactions.
  2. How did your choices attend to your needs (and how not)?
  3. How did what you said attend to the needs of others (and how not)?
  4. Were you able to keep your heart open to your own needs and experience?
  5. Can you identify what you might have done to attend more fully to your own needs?
  6. Can you imagine what you might have done to attend more fully to the other’s needs?
  7. Can you imagine a path that would have moved you closer to a solution that would have worked for both of you?
  8. Notice what obstacles prevented you from responding in a way you would have preferred (for example an emotional reaction such as fear and/or a belief that you may have held as to the other).
  9. Also note ways in which you were able to respond in a way which served needs, even partially (for example, taking a breath prior to responding).

“There is genuine dialogue – no matter whether spoken or silent – where each of the participants really has in mind the other or others in their present and particular being and turns to them with the intention of establishing a living mutual relation between himself and them. There is technical dialogue, which is prompted solely by the need of objective understanding. And there is monologue disguised as dialogue, in which two or men, meeting in space, speak each with himself in strangely tortuous and circuitous ways and yet imagine they have escaped the torment of being thrown back on their own resources.” ~ Martin Buber

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