A Tele-Practice Group for Building ‘Street Giraffe Cred’

We gather as an inquiry, living the questions as to how we might engage (as a shared process of discovery) to explore and practice the choice of conveying the consciousness of nonviolence, utilizing and naturalizing Nonviolent Communication (often integrated with other modalities, in an interdisciplinary approach). 

For inquiries as to joining our Street Giraffe tele-practice group, please first see our Contact Info. page (especially the reference to a connected-match-discovery-process) and then feel free to email us at streetgiraffe@gmail.com.  

We very much enjoy sharing what we know of additional venues and other possible resources — so do not hesitate to reach out, for any reason whatsoever!  We’ve also felt rewarded when the fruits reaped from seeds planted, and then cultivated by others in the NVC field, have benefited those in the community through tangible results that have been (somewhat effortfully!) gleaned.  We’ll cater our referrals to the specific needs in play, which may afford opportunities to those grappling with certain complexities, as they discover a match with a commensurate skill set in the services of others (such as NVC mediators and/or coaches), that might truly attend to the concerns at hand.  

For additional information please view our Other NVC Learning Venues and/or our About page.

See also our community blog:  http://streetwisegiraffes.wordpress.com

View an Outline-of-Call

Miki Kasthan Paraphrase: “clearly differentiate between an NVC practice setting and the rest of your life.”

ANVC: Almost Nonviolent Communication Cartoons by Sven Hartenstein

More irreverent NVC cartoons:  http://anvc.svenhartenstein.de

Kashtan, “A Naturalizing the NVC language comes from aligning ourselves with the truth and expressing from that place.”

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