Provisional Outline of “Street Giraffe” Practice Call

FYI ~ See also our  Handy Handouts | Street Giraffe  page

Street NVC Practice

“How To” Naturalize (Description of Exercises: outlined below)

(NVC as a ‘mindfulness-training &/or awareness-practice’
masquerading as a language technique

Mindfulness Bell (Link)

Dialogue is a conversation … the outcome of which is unknown.”  — Martin Buber

Provisional Outline of “Street Giraffe” Practice Call:


I.  Check-in – essentializing w/ naturalized expression of OFNR (“40 Words” or less)
II.  Self-Connection – OFNR* (the root of ‘stealth NVC/street giraffe’)
III. Street-Dispatches w/Matrix** + Fluency w/Feelings & [Living-EnergyNeeds
IV.  “Bricks & Mortar” – Fleshing out Universal Needs: Word-to-Phrase***
V.  “Blueprint” – Dialogue/Role Play w/iGiraffe (Experiments: NVC Consciousness)
VI.  Check-out – Flowers, Tears & Lightbulbs w/ Connection Requests

For more detailed information, please view either the Practice-Resources &/or Tabs III , IIIIVVVI

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.
Mahatma Gandhi
Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 – 1948)
Illustration: Giraffe compared with adult man

*’sThe Yoga of Self-Connection (PDF format)

Tab I – Alternative self-connection exercises, i.e. Mary Mackenzie’s Daily Needs Meditation

Check in – Tab II:  Why practice street expressions of  OFNR?  As an NVC form of “Wax on, Wax off…”  (See – Karate Kid Lesson 1 (Wax on Wax off) – YouTube and Karate Kid Wax on Wax offPart 2 -YouTube)

**  Tab III – “Dispatches from the Street” w/Matrix | Pathways to Liberation (i.e. someone volunteers to share an anecdote from their lives/week, framing any NVC wisdom to be gleaned via the Matrix). [Listen to a recording of how to utilize Pathways to Liberation: Matrix of Self-assessment via Compassionate Leadership.]  Optional practice:  Fluency with conveying Feelings & [Living-Energy] of Needs  — (note: “Feelings” that blame).

***Ripped-from-the-Headlines [See Tab IV for examples of Word-to-Phrase exercise]

Tab V  – Varies from week-to-week, as indicated atop our home page, includes practice with Dialogue [Lab] et als.

Check-out: VI  — Flowers-Tears-&-Lightbulbs (a.k.a. celebration/mourning/insight); alternatively a brief expression of an NVC intention, for the upcoming week.  [Utilizing tools:  Kashtan’s Connection Requests document optional.]

How does one get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice…

See also:  Practice Resources (tab) and/or Shifting to Needs Consciousness (tab) referencing Manfred Max Neef’sFundamental Human Needs

A giraffe

As you cultivate a needs consciousness, you are ready to move into         
Street Giraffe

Our Street Giraffe tele-practice group is an outgrowth/celebration/appreciation of ‘eLearning‘ from Miki Kashtan of in addition to other certified trainers via NVC Academy — please see

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