April 2012 – Empty Presence & Taking on the World

Sunday, April 28, 2012

(Inspired by Dian Killian – The Center for Collaborative Communication, NYC)

How to listen with our entire body, our entire being…  In another context, I’ve often heard this described as ‘empty presence’.  To be completely present and receptive first; then, only later, shifting towards ‘silent empathy’ (i.e. searching within for the key ‘empathic inquiry’ terms).  We’ll experiment to see if the experience may be one of the words arising more organically, effortlessly.

Last Week:  In honor of Earth Day, 22 April 2012

(Inspired by Miki Kashtan’s Taking on the World  course)

How do we “stretch our emotional muscle” to respond in ways that are consistent with how we want to model change in the world?

  • Naming a statement that would encapsulates what triggers your despair/judgment
  • Noticing the uncomfortable feelings you have when you contemplate this statement
  • Uncovering the need or value behind that feeling
  • Really basking in the dream you have for the world to manifest your value — bring it to life; and noticing how such a rich experience of your dream sustains your resilience and uplifts your feelings
  • Finally — while remaining in such a resourceful space, finding the need of the other/others — for whom you have ‘enemy images’ — that might have led them to the conduct you disdain (that was originally such a trigger for our judgment)

“The Work that Reconnects” — Video series of a workshop with Joanna Macy

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