May 20, 2012 ~ Self-Acceptance

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Self Acceptance Cartoon I wonder if I would be happier if I put as much effort into accepting myself as I do into changing myself?

Revisiting Jim Manske’s
Self-Acceptance Exercise

(Listen to Self-Acceptance with Jim via Compassionate Leadership)

  • Identify a thought/self-judgment (such as “I should/shouldn’t…”)
  • Notice the physical sensations and emotions that accompany ruminating on this thought
  • Cultivate a sense of presence with uncomfortable feelings (for example, become aware of constriction, tightening, aversion, churning, numbness, alienation, senese of being defeated or drained, etc.)
  • Notice the universality of this reaction to negative self-talk, “Just like me, people who talk to themselves in this way suffer.”
  • Inquire as to what is the positive intention behind self-judgment.
  • Ask, “What’s the best thing that could happen by talking to myself in this way?”  or “What do I hope would happen by talking to myself in this way?”
  • Jorge Rubio’s concept of the “Jackal-Hall-of-Mirrors”  – a.k.a. jackaling-the-jackal  — Escape route: move towards the positive intention more deeply (i.e. if you do whatever the positive intention points towards, if you were to fulfill the positive intention, what would that mean?)
  • What would I prefer to say to myself, knowing now what is important to me?
  • Engage in a meaningful internal inquiry — once settled into the value/need what would I request of myself?
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