June 10, 2012 ~ Demystifying Empathy Guessing

Sunday, June 10, 2012

 Empathy Guessing Demystified:

The Practice of Making a Semantic-based Empathy Guess
by Dian Killian, PhD

“When I was new to NVC and first experienced empathy, I was in awe. How could someone know so deeply what I was feeling? Empathy was so simple and powerful it seemed like magic—or at least telepathy…”

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Dian Killian on Empathy Guessing

See also:  http://collaborative-communication.org/blog

Practice hearing what is beneath positive and negative assessments, i.e. taking note of which values may animate both emphathic (emotive) expressions and the more content laden ones.  For more, peruse pg. 93  of the book beneath, titled the “roots and oppositions” exercise, which depicts how to decode the needs underlying judgments (see pages 91  and 92  – i.e. “Enjoy the Talking Head Show” – for further details).

eBook Packages

Connecting Across Differences, 2nd Edition
Finding Common Ground With Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
By Jane Marantz Connor, Ph.D. and
Dian Killian, Ph.D.

Connecting Across Differences TOC Table of Contents
Connecting Across Differences Introduction Introduction
Connecting Across Differences Chapter One Chapter One

See also: Dian Killian & Edwin Rutsch: Dialogs – YouTube

By way of a “Street NVC” tele-class — via NVC Academy — taught by Dian Killian, Ph.D. of  The Center for Collaborative Communication in NYC.

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