July 8, 2012 ~ Self-Responsibility, Interdependence

Sunday, July 8, 2012 ~ Self-Responsibility -> Interdependence

(Via BayNVC’s Fundraising Telesummit)

Discussion of the theme of Self-Responsibility & Interdependence

Inspired by Bob Wentworth | Capital NVC

Self-responsibility, a kind of independent agency (which entails a choice as to where we put our attention, not outward, but inward), comes prior to interdependence.

Self-responsibility entails shifting our attention from blaming and finger-pointing at that which lies outside of us (i.e. “You make me mad/happy!”  “I’m the victim of what you do!”) to our own role in how we experience life (i.e. what I’m thinking, what my needs are, etc. as a focal point for what generates our experience).  This entails a mindfulness of relating our stories to our needs.  Noticing that if our interior narrative believes that what is longed for is within our grasp, the ensuing feelings will be positive (and if not, then negative feelings will result).  By choosing to place our attention within, we are likely to be more empowered (towards greater clarity, empowerment, mutuality).  Self-responsibility as a kind of prerequisite towards engaging in the enterprise of interdependence.  Noticing how we are influenced by that which lies outside of us, however the locus of power, interdependently-speaking, often entails that which is within.

NVC Academy – BayNVC Fundraising Telesummit Recordings

Pema Chodron “This Lousy World” – YouTube

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