August 12, 2012 ~ NVC & Focusing

Sunday, August 12th  ~ NVC & Focusing

Make the connection between NVC and other modalities, such as Focusing, as complements to your practice:

If you’ve ever encountered the modality of Focusing  and wondered how it might complement self-connection/self-empathy, here is link to a video clip of Gina Censiose on Embodying Our Needs (rather than needs as a ‘story-we’re-telling-ourselves’).

Gina Cenciose:

“I’m going in with a full quality of presence to myself and saying whatever is there, yes, I want to hear you.  Whether my mind thinks it’s garbage, it’s worthless, other people won’t like it.  I will treasure it, in the moment, right now… And that I think allows for that space to unfold.  There is a kind of inner relaxing where  things will come up because they’re not being judged as bad or this isn’t acceptable.  Doesn’t mean I have to share it with other people.  But it means that when I am with other people I will be aware of these parts of myself and holding them lovingly and not projecting them either unconsciously onto other people by saying a sweet OFNR that is not at all true or that I’m trying to be nice by using OFNR — and that is obviously a beautiful learning curve in NVC — at the beginning you try OFNR and you see it doesn’t work (people do a two day intro and say, ‘hey, it didn’t work’) …Well, if the intention or reorientation of your heart hasn’t changed, it’s not changing your language that will change anything in life…It’s not the phrasing, it’s never the phrasing, it’s your intention.”
~ Gina Censoise

For the excerpt above in its fuller/video context, click here:

What is Focusing? and other FAQs

What is Focusing?

Focusing is a special way of paying attention to yourself, so that you sense the whole way you are feeling about situations or issues in your life. This is different from just having emotions or just getting in touch with feelings. Focusing involves having a different kind of relationship with emotions and feelings. It’s as if you are becoming your own good listener. The result is greater calm, wiser choices, and a deeper sense of connection to your own life and being.

Focusing Resources – Inner Relationship Focusing

Felt Sense Demo (video loads in new window)

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