Free 24 Hour Global Empathy Call in honor of UN International Day of Nonviolence & Gandhi’s Birthday

“Earthrise” taken on December 24, 1968.

You are VERY warmly invited to join us for a free global empathy call that will span 24 hours, facilitated by teachers, practitioners, and enthusiasts of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

We invite you to call in and share in the richness of empathy. Be inspired, contribute to others, express yourself, just listen, or ask for empathy.

Every two hours a different facilitator, or team of facilitators, will be hosting — bringing their own perspectives and experiences to the call.

The timeline chosen means that in every part of the world, some of the call will occur on October 2, the United Nations International Day of Non-Violence.

photo of a sculpture of a gun with the barrel twisted into a knot

“Non-Violence”, a sculpture by Karl Fredrik Reutersward, sits permanently outside UN Headquarters in New York. (UN Photo)

The call STARTS Monday, Oct. 1 at 6pm EDT/22:00 GMT


ENDS Tuesday, Oct. 2  at 6pm EDT/  22:00 GMT

(To find out when the calls are in YOUR time zone, you may find this time zone converter helpful.  If you are more visually oriented, here’s a map of the world’s time zones.)

Click here for more information about the call!

We are also excited to announce that this year there will also be one two-hour live online empathy chat on Oct. 2, from 9:00-11:00 am PDT. We welcome anyone who would enjoy giving, receiving, or witnessing empathy in an online environment. For details on the empathy chat, email or tweet Sharon.

Last year Mair was a co-organizer of this call when Sharon called in for empathy. She had such a transformative experience that she found it life-changing and a “rebirth” and we are working together to organize the call again this year. We very much hope this year’s Global Empathy Call will be as rewarding for all involved as last year’s was for Sharon.

We have organized this call because we want to again immerse ourselves with you in this pool of global empathy.  Our deepest wish is for your presence and participation!

Please spread the word — by email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. — about the call to your friends, family, empathy buddies, and anyone else you think might enjoy it!

Click here to register for the call!


Sharon Wachsler  &  Mair Alight

Post Script ~ Sharon’s post:  A Call Changed My Life: World Empathy Day Oct 1 & 2

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