September 30, 2012 ~ Flowers, Tears & Lightbulbs

Sunday, September 30, 2012 ~ Flowers, Tears & Lightbulbs

Inspired by Kate Raffin  – Flowers, Tears, and Lightbulbs:
Balancing my yearning to grow with acceptance of who I am right now

Exploring choice-points in our conduct and conversations, i.e. moments we engaged in ways we may either celebrate, mourn, or intend to learn from…

The first time I engaged with Kate’s deceptively playful practice (whimsically enticing with profound undertones), I recognized that, as I reflected on a recent interaction with a friend, I had conducted myself in a way that seemed bizarre (childish even) on the surface when — in the aftermath of gleaning the wisdom from the “Flowers, Tears & Lightbulbs” process — I discerned the underlying yearning, however counterintuitive, was for a sense of dignity.  I had engaged in silliness as a kind of age regressive subterfuge, rather than confront the anxiety evoked by a more straitforward engagement.  This process is both a wake up call and a call-to-action.

Kate Raffin

Flowers, Tears & Lightbulbs Journal

Giraffe and Jackal Journal

FYI ~ Our Journaling Page & Kate Raffin journals

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