November 2012 BayNVC Telesummit Fundraiser

[Tele]Summit w/ Pamela & Co. (11/5 – 11/30)

Requests from the Heart: Practical Empathy

What's Up Next: Sunday, September 9, 2012 ~ Practices for Opening Our Hearts

The November 2012 BayNVC Telesummit Fundraiser

~Requests from the Heart: Practical Empathy~

Begins November 5th. Register now!

Do you sometimes think you’ve made a clear request, only to find out later that the other person didn’t hear what you meant?

Do you yearn for practical ideas and examples for putting empathy in action — for yourself and others?

Would you enjoy learning creative, inspiring, and effective strategies for communicating what you want?

Then join us for the November BayNVC telesummit, “Requests from the Heart: Practical Empathy”!


Participate in 20 calls, each led by a different presenter who has a unique take on the telesummit theme. (Here’s a list of presenters and topics.)

You’ll also receive recordings of all 20 calls. Choose which calls you want to attend and which you want to listen to later. You can also choose your level of interaction during the calls: listen in privacy or ask questions and practice!

When: Every Monday through Friday from November 5 through November 30, from 12-1:30 p.m. PST (3-4:30 p.m. EST).

Who: Organized by Mair Alight and Sharon Wachsler and led by a team of twenty skilled NVC practitioners and trainers. (Read more about the presenters on our presenter biography page.)

How: Register right now at BayNVC

Where: On your phone! We also have free call-in numbers for Skype users and for some countries outside the US. Contact Sharon for those details.

Cost: This is a continuing effort to financially support BayNVC. Requested contribution is $60 (which includes recordings of all twenty weekday calls). (That’s $3 per call!)

If you are living in the Global South or your financial circumstances preclude your participation at the $60 level, please email Sharon so that you can be included in this event. Inclusiveness is very important to us.

The previous two telesummits, in July and September, met goals for expanding community, and providing empathy, education, and inspiration. With each new telesummit, the organizers, presenters, and participants bring knowledge and connection that enhances the experience of all (whether you’ve attended previous events or not). This telesummit as another fundraiser to retire BayNVC’s debt while bringing learning and connection to a world-wide community.


Questions? Concerns? Need more info? Really want to attend but scraping by on a limited income? Please contact Sharon so that you can be included!

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One Response to November 2012 BayNVC Telesummit Fundraiser

  1. Hey! Thank you for the link love! You know who I was telling Mair today I wanted to present at the Nov. Telesummit? A certain Pamela! And she said you’d prefer to co-present, and then I thought, “PAMELA AND ANJALI!” But Mair apparently doesn’t believe in pestering people and wants them to have choice and ease and stuff like that. Whereas I just judgmentally think it would be *cool* if you (and Anjali, if you wanted or she wanted) presented because as the Street Giraffe Gang Leader, I think you could offer a lot of interesting info and experience and insight on the “practical” empathy part, as well as the request aspect, if that was of interest. Just sayin’….

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