November 4, 2012 ~ Being the Eye of the Storm

 Sunday, November 4, 2012 ~ Being the Eye of the Storm
“There are two kinds of suffering: the suffering that leads to more suffering and the suffering that leads to the end of suffering. If you are not willing to face the second kind of suffering, you will surely continue to experience the first.”  ~ Ajahn Chah

Rocking back and forth between ourselves and another (in moments of internal storms)…

Coming up in November, both Thomas Meli  and I will be presenting during the BayNVC Telesummit on the topic of — The Challenge of Shifting from Habitual Reactivity towards Choiceful Requests. Here’s a description:

Ever feel tongue tied with a gnawing sense of there being an elephant-in-the-room?  Uncertain how to cut through the tension with a breath-of-fresh-air (instead of a knife)?  It can seem daunting, especially when we’re in a reactive state of mind. In this call, we’ll explore the practice of a disarming kind of dialogue, crafting sentences that are: 1) rooted in self-connection, 2) open with empathic expression (that acknowledges another), 3) include our own honest transparency, and 4) end with a request, as a catalyst, towards mutual understanding.

Dress Rehearsal of Presentation – Requests from the Heart

Phillip Moffitt:

NBC’s “Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together” raises $23 million for Red Cross

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