November 25, 2012 ~ Cutting Through Tension with a Spacious Breath Instead of a Knife

To inspire, or not to inspire, that is the question…

 Sunday, November 25, 2012 ~
Cutting Through Tension with a Spacious Breath Instead of a Knife

Self-Assessment & Self-Connection:

Requests of Group:

Complete the Self-Assessment: on a scale of 1-10 rate the following.

  1. I take full emotional responsibilty for my experience of awkwardness or tension and don’t blame others for this experience.
  2. When I am feeling awkward or tense I am able to access and connect to the needs and beliefs that are the root of it.
  3. I am clear about what situations tend to bring up tension or awkwardness in me and I have clear doable strategies for dealing with them.
  4. I am able to open my heart empathically to the other person’s experience while remaining grounded in my experience.
  5. I dissolve my awkwardness and tension through powerful and connecting requests that hold both our needs with care.

If you answered anything less than a 10 – pick one area.

And write down what a transformation would look like in that area:
“A breakthrough in this area of my life would look like…”

Write down what challenges you experience in that area.

Group Sharing – “What are the challenges to being non-reactive in awkward or tense situations?” or “What stimulates an experience of feeling awkward or tense?”

Above courtesy of Thomas Meli of Interdependent Soul Consulting


John Kinyon ~ Breath, Body, Need

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