March 31, 2013 ~ Expressing Integrated Honesty

We will continue with a favorite theme of this blog — how to  rock-back-and-forth between our own point-of-view and that of another’s  …

Sunday, March 24, 2013 ~ Expressing Integrated Honesty

Rita Marie Johnson coined the term ‘integrated honesty’ to describe an interwoven capacity to attune to another while still expressing our own truth.

Truth be told, ‘integrated honesty’ has been a dominant focal point for several weeks (even months) and this Sunday we will again experiment with how to re-vision incidents from our own lives  — what is sometimes referred to as a ‘post-hearsals’– so that where originally we may have been caught flat-footed, impaired by reactivity, now (with the luxury of hindsight) we’ll strive towards a kind of acquired spontaneity: imagining how things might have otherwise evolved (organically, had our prefrontal coretxt been intact), expanding the array of plausible strategic options at our disposal in dyads, and then harvest the scenarios we’ve come up with as a group, collaboratively brainstorming when apropos — expanding our collective ‘responsivity repertoire’ — while cultivating greater tact and wisdom (not to mention ease, dignity, grace and an overall sense of empowerment).

Post Script ~ I couldn’t help but hear the echoes of Billy Joel’s “Honesty” lyrics:

Honesty is hardly ever heard.
And mostly what I need from you.
I can always find someone
to say they sympathize.
If I wear my heart out on my sleeve.

When during the current NVC & Social Change telesummit one of the presenters, Kelly Bryson, conveyed a time when Marshall Rosenberg spoke with great despair of the springing up of an abundance of NVC empathy practice groups devoid of the counter-balancing weight of practicing honesty.

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