August 11, 2013 ~ Green Light Communication


Last week we explored Red Light Communication — particularly in the context of exploring authenticity, so in keeping with this theme we’ll consider ‘green light communication’…

Sunday, August 11, 2013 ~ Green Light Communication

The four NVC components of observations, feelings, needs, and requests serve to amplify mindfulness in our interactions with others:

Communication Flow Chart (PDF format) – ZENVC

Check Intention:

Do I want to “get my way” &/or “be right”


Do I want to connect?

See also:  Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids: (Flow Chart – Page 96)

Notice the parallels between the above NVC communication flow charts and the red/yellow/green-light symbolism beneath…

Awake, Tender and Open: Communicating Mindfully GreenYouTube

The Five Keys to Mindful Communication:

Red Light

Notice when you’ve become defensive and closed off. Be careful. Communicating in this zone can lead to difficult and painful reactions.

Yellow Light

Pay attention to the limbo between open and closed. Relax with the uncertainty. Pause, reflect, linger there, and let possibilities emerge.

Green Light

When your state of mind is open, feel free to explore your connection with others. Share. Learn. Change. Expand.

Susan Chapman is a marriage and family therapist and author who presents training programs applying mindfulness to conversations, relationships and communities.

RESOURCES:  Green Zone Conversations – Green Light Institute

Download the Mindful Communication poster.

INTERVIEWS: Click to hear interviews with Susan Chapman

See also:

Keys to Mindful Communication; Yellow-Light-Communication Red-Light-Communication

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