November 10, 2013 ~ Finding True Refuge

Sunday, November 10, 2013 ~
Finding True Refuge


Embodying True Refuge — Serving and Savoring Life

Additional YouTube Videos:

Finding True Refuge – Part 1A (1-2-2013)

Finding True Refuge – Part 1B (1-2-2013)

Additional Guided Meditations/Audios:

True Refuge

True Refuge:
Finding Peace & Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart

Guided Meditation:  A Pause for Presence (by  Tara Brach)

“A natural entry into presence is through your body.  You can do this short meditation anytime you have a bit of quiet and privacy.

Find a place to a sit comfortably and close your eyes.  Begin with three conscious breaths:  Inhale long and deep, filling the lungs, then exhale slowly sensing a letting go of any tensions in your body and mind.

Invite your awareness to fill your whole body.  Can you imagine your physical form as a field of sensations?  Can you feel the movement and quality of the sensations – tingling, vibrating, heat or cool, hard or soft, tight or flowing?  Take a few moments to bring your full attention to this dance of sensations.

Now let your awareness open out into the space around you.  Can you imagine receiving the symphony of sounds, letting it wash through you you?  Can you listen to the changing play of sounds, not just with your ears but with your whole awareness?  Take a few moments to bring an open attention to listening to sounds.

Keeping your eyes closed, let your awareness receive the play of images and light at the eyelids.  You might notice a flickering of light and dark or certain shapes, shadows or figures of light.  Take a few moments to attend to seeing.

Feeling your breath and sensing the space around you, be receptive to any secrets that might be in the air.  Discover what it is like to smell and receive the odors present in the surrounding area.

Now let all your senses be wide open, your body and mind relaxed and receptive.  Allow life to flow freely through you.  Take as long as you’d like, listening to and feeling your moment-to-moment experience.  Notice the changing flow of sensations, sounds aliveness, and also the background of presence that is here.  Let yourself appreciate this awake, inner space of presence.  When you are finished, sense the possibility of bringing an alert, open awareness to whatever you are doing next.

As you move through the day, pause periodically and briefly reawaken your senses, primarily by feeling bodily sensations and listening to sounds.  With practice, you will become increasingly at home in natural presence.”

True Refuge: Finding Peace and Freedom

Finding True Refuge – YouTube

“Finding True Refuge is a web series which takes you inside people’s intimate journey into meditation; what they’ve learned, how they’ve struggled, why they began and how it’s transformed their lives. Developed to help answer people’s most basic questions about Meditation, you will meet people from all walks of life, from prisons, homeless shelters, from those just learning to meditate, to others who have been meditating their whole lives. Hear from some of our countries leading Buddhist Meditation teachers and hear their True Refuge stories, how they struggle and how meditation has helped in their darkest hour.”

See also:

“True Refuge” – Insights at the Edge – Tami Simon of SoundsTrue inteviews Tara on January 18, 2011

Adapted from Tara’s book, True Refuge (Bantam, 2013)

Working With Difficulties: The Blessings of RAIN
Working With Difficulties: The Blessings of RAIN (in German)

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