January 26, 2014 ~ Mapping Our (NVC) Universe

Sunday, January 26, 2014 ~  Mapping Our (NVC) Universe


The inspiration for the witty wordplay of planet/plan-it apparently came from the young son (think, from the mouth of babes) of Marney Makridakis, who created a unique chart — see below…

So we’ll be in explorer mode, mapping/navigating our (NVC/consciousness) universe…

Beneath courtesy of http://artellaland.com/stars.jpg


See also:  http://artella-land.com/Bohemia/ArtellaCreativeRevolutionsGuidebook.pdf

In the thought-provoking sci-fi/space-travel clip beneath, notice how the sound emanating out into the universe, from planet earth, moves backward chronologically, as one moves further afield…

During Roger Sorrow’s

Compassionate Leadership tele-class an article was discussed by Bronnie Ware about the Top Five Regrets of the Dying which seemed timely, given some recent and tragic news of a friend within the NVC community.  (Along these lines there is an exquisite piece on consoling those grieving by David Brooks titled The Art of Presence.)  The specter of mortality can often serve as a reminder and a catalyst to ‘concentrate the mind’.  A metaphor that I often think of  — ‘finding one’s center-of-gravity’ — also seems to correspond with the NVC value/need that has been identified as ‘Being-at-the-Center of-One’s-Own-Life’:





Physical Awareness

Emotional awareness




Being at the center of one’s own life

Developing a Living Values Vocabulary (Google doc)

A favorite poem comes to mind that was likely penned in grief:

One Art by Elizabeth Bishop : The Poetry Foundation

Last but not least…

I just couldn’t resist the synchronicity of encountering both an Dada-esque NY Times magazine cover and the cool diagram (at top) courtesy of Marney Makridakis at http://artellaland.com/stars.jpg which charts the black holes and illuminative bodies as we plan our lives…

Just for the record, here’s the controversial magazine cover: Planet Hillary

New York Times (blog)

Wanna take a ride?

Spoiler Alert (Do Not View Beneath, If You’d Still Like to View the Film Contact):

Contact Space Travel (HD)

Contact “Testimonial Interrogation” – Final Hearing

FYI ~ Thousands of people from around the world are already signed up for A New Brain Science series, and I just wanted to make sure you know about it, too.

Here’s the line-up:
  • Daniel Goleman, PhD – Focus: Why Concentration Can Make Your Brain More Powerful
  • Helen Fisher, PhD – The Brain in Love: The Neurobiology of Romance
  • Daniel Amen, MD – Hormones, Hardwiring, and the Female Brain: Balancing Your Brain for Optimal Health
  • Daniel Siegel, MD – The Neurobiology of the Teenage Brain: A New Way of Looking at Adolescent Behavior
  • Rick Hanson, PhD – Happiness and Neuroplasticity: Simple Strategies for Rewiring Your Brain
  • Bruce Lipton, PhD – Epigenetics: What Really Controls Our Genes and Why We Don’t Have to Be Victims of Our DNA
The webinars are free if you watch at the time of broadcast, you just have to sign up.
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