February 2, 2014 ~ Action Blocks (to Communicating, etc.)

Sunday, February 2, 2014 ~  Action Blocks (to Communicating, etc.)

I was recently sitting in a lobby waiting for an appointment.  I closed my eyes to attune within — attempting a bit of ‘self-focusing’ (if only for a moment) — and then almost instantaneously felt caught in quicksand, identified with my own thoughts, frozen as a veritable deer in headlights.  Synchronicity fortuitously came to my rescue (as it so often does), when over the loudspeaker, the lyrics from the Beatles offered a ‘reminder’, “Hello, hello, hello I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello, hello, hello…”  Aha!

Drawing from our (Focusing) Toolbelt

Saying “Hello” (to that which blocks us)

The Beatles – “Hello Goodbye”

Bebe Simon is widely credited with suggesting the way of just “saying hello” to whatever is there. As she tells it, “I was listening to a new participant in Focusing, who at one point said, ‘Part of me wants to give it everything it wants, and part of me wants to tell it it can’t have everything it wants.’” So Bebe responded, ‘What if you didn’t have to give it everything it wants, and what if you didn’t have to tell it it can’t have everything it wants, what if you just said hello to it?’ And then the Focuser discovered her inner warrior which would protect her from intrusion. Ann Weiser Cornell, a well-known Focusing teacher, wrote this about Bebe’s approach, “With this simple and elegant move of saying ‘hello,’ a whole world opens, a world of trust in what is, a trust that what is here has it’s own unfolding, its own next steps, its own life-forward process.” (via Focusing for Life)

Beneath courtesy of http://focusingresources.com/our-library:

Focusing and Action Blocks [Click Here for an Audio Link] 
“I want to get that done… why don’t I?” Why do we spin our wheels and get nowhere? You know you can do it – so what’s stopping you? Find out how Focusing lets you be gentle to all the aspects of yourself so that the blocked system can release.

The Seven Secrets to Getting Unblocked – By Ann Weiser Cornell [PDF]

Excerpt from link above:

For you, I’ve boiled the method down to the essence: seven secrets to getting unblocked.

One. Stop trying to think your way through the block.

You’re no dummy. If thinking your way through was all this problem needed, it would have been solved already. No question. So you’re going to need something else besides figuring out and thinking up solutions.

Two. Clear out your assumptions.

What are you assuming? The biggest block to getting unblocked is thinking you already know “why” you are blocked. Shana thought the reason she wasn’t working on her novel was that she was scared of being a failure. It turned out to be something quite different.

Three. Get into your body.

Your conscious mind holds about one-tenth of your intelligence. Your whole body, including your mind, holds all of it. Most of us cut off the full power of our brilliance by walking around cut off from our bodies. Take some time to feel your feet, your seat, your breathing.

Four. Something in you doesn’t want to do it.

If you’re not doing something that’s well within your power to do, there must be something in you that doesn’t want to do it. That’s the one assumption we’re going to make. You can sit down and organize your papers — you aren’t doing it — therefore, something in you doesn’t want to.

Five. Don’t judge it; get curious instead.

The first temptation is to judge: “It’s just the lazy part of me that doesn’t want to.” But wait—don’t judge! Being judgmental is going to shut down the lines of communication that we need to have open. Instead of judging, get curious. The truth is, you don’t know what or why this part of you is not doing the action. Let your genuine curiosity awaken.

Six. Listen.

Listen to the part of you that doesn’t want to do the action. How? By allowing it to show up as a bodily felt sense. Take some time, sense into your body, and invite this part to show up. Maybe it will come as a tightness in your chest, or a constriction in your throat. Take time; be patient. Once you can feel it there, you can ask it: What are you worried about? What are you trying to help me with?

Seven. Be open to transformation.


(see article in its entirety here:  http://www.focusingresources.com/articles/sevensecrets.htm )

Healing Writer’s Block

Healing Writer’s Block Part Two

Radical Acceptance

[PDF] Radical Gentleness with Ann Weiser Cornell – Focusing Resources

Self-in-Presence – We disidentify in order to do Focusing with Ann Weiser 

[PDF] Focusing Resources – Treasure Maps to the Soul

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