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Sunday, September 4, 2016 ~ Walking in the Dark

Jesse Wiens, Author at ZENVC:  “Now really begins the practice of walking our talk about walking in the dark.”

Inquiry:  How do you find accompaniment, both within and without, while ‘walking in the dark’?


I first encountered the idea of ‘walking in the dark’ (in an NVC context) while perusing a chart — titled Common NVC States — with its authors [NVC certified trainers] Catherine Cadden & Jesse Wiens of ZENVC, a portion of which I’ve excerpted below.  The chart outlines how it’s possible to transition from a more constricted state towards a more expansive one (aligned with NVC consciousness).  Wiens and Cadden noted that, “The final state, ‘Being Fully Human’, is a state of being that tends to occur as a by-product of practicing ‘Walking in the Dark’.”

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Beneath the work of:

ZENVC: The Way With and Without Words

[One column excerpted from] “Common NVC Mind States” – Walking in the Dark

Intention:  To connect, being willing to not know how that looks

Underlying Beliefs:  “I don’t know what’s best in this moment”

Consequences of Acting from this State:  Increased connection.  Freedom from old patterns of behavior.  Limitless potential.

Life-Serving Motivation:  Contribute to Life

Observations:  Just what’s right in front of you.

Feelings/Body Awareness:  More felt than named.  Opening to being with pain in self and others, especially darkness and despair.

Needs Awareness:  More felt than named.  Opening to not knowing what the needs ‘are’.

Requests:  “What would serve Life in this moment?”  Opening to receiving the answer…or not.

For more information as to the “Common NVC Mind States” (chart), please contact Jesse and Catherine directly here:  Contact Us and/or view these additional links:  Who We AreHandouts, Articles and Recordings


Notice that in describing both the feelings and needs quality of walking-in-the-dark, the phrase “more felt than named” is offered.  (We’ll return to this idea of something “more felt than named” next by introducing the “Felt sense” and “felt shift” of [Inner RelationshipFocusing .)


Focusing is… the murky edge

Gene Gendlin introduces Focusing

Felt Sense, Body, Situation with Gene Gendlin

Six Steps (en) – The Focusing Institute

How to Focus and Get a Felt Sense: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

In this video clip (directly beneath), Gina Cenciose discusses how translating jackals into feelings and needs (NVC) — while a wonderful structure — can sometimes be harder for her than the process of getting a ‘felt sense’ (and/or ‘handle’) in the modality of focusing.  I’ve found, too, that there is a kind of freedom and creativity that intermingling both modalities — NVC & Focusing — affords, especially in our attempts to accompany that which resides within (intrapersonal exploration/accompaniment; a.k.a. self-connection, the foundation or cornerstone of any interpersonal exploration).



As with last week exploration of  Miki Kashtan‘s commitment as to Risking My Significance, Gina demonstrates how one might be with that which is yet murky inside of us and how, in climbing out on this limb, transition from a more one dimensional or “static” awareness (i.e. merely labeling feelings/needs, etc.) into something that morphs, thereby becoming more fully flesh out as we go along.

GC key diff 1

See also:  Healing Writer’s Block – YouTube



Craig Meriwether interviews Dr. Ann Weiser Cornell

Puppetmaster Rosenberg

Marshall Rosenberg NVC Role Play – YouTube

Marshall Rosenberg mentions Focusing:
At the seven minute mark Marshall says, “Deep breath.  You see… Now this giraffe is glad that it has practiced focusing because it’s spent a lot of time learning how to get in touch with its feelings and needs and it can give itself some emergency first aid empathy right now to deal with what’s going on so that it can then focus its attention on the other person again.”



Exclusive Obama Interview on ‘Terrifying’ Threat of Climate

Obama on Climate Change

Obama on ‘Terrifying’ Threat of Climate Change


In an exclusive interview on his legacy, President Obama speaks to The Times’s Mark Landler and Coral Davenport on climate change while visiting Marine Corps Base Hawaii.



Is it useful to think of climate change as a “world war”?

It’s a provocative metaphor, but it has its limitations.

Dot Earth – The New York Times

Can Future Global Warming Matter Today? – Dot Earth

Andrew C. Revkin:  Over the past couple of months I’ve been part of a new podcast, Warm Regards, exploring climate science and its relevance to society…

The segment starts with Jacquelyn playfully asking Eric this question: 

Hey Eric, you’re a meteorologist. You can’t even get tomorrow’s forecast right. How can you expect me to believe you know what’s going to happen 50 years from now?

We talk about how evidence of past abrupt climate change emerged and challenged climate scientists to reexamine smooth curves toward a warmer world…

Bill McKibben:  A World at War

What would “winning” the Climate Wars look like?

Image: National Archives - time to fight back









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