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12/4/16 ~ Veritas

What’s Up Next? Sunday, December 4, 2016 ~ Veritas/Shared-Reality (or What’s your Most-Favored-Need-Status?) Inquiry:  What universal-human-need did you most attend to in the year past (whether subconsciously or more deliberately)? Hint:  Try reviewing an NVC Needs List (see beneath) to see … Continue reading

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9/4/16 ~ Walking in the Dark

  What’s Up Next? Sunday, September 4, 2016 ~ Walking in the Dark Jesse Wiens, Author at ZENVC:  “Now really begins the practice of walking our talk about walking in the dark.” Inquiry:  How do you find accompaniment, both within and … Continue reading

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April 28, 2013 ~ Feelings as Parsley?

I have to begin by acknowledging that I can still get a bit queasy at the thought that I ‘should’ be wearing my heart-on-my-sleeve and all too often buy into the cultural taboo prohibiting thus, even occasionally smirking with derisive … Continue reading

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Provisional Outline of “Street Giraffe” Practice Call

FYI ~ See also our  Handy Handouts | Street Giraffe  page Street NVC Practice “How To” Naturalize (Description of Exercises: outlined below) (NVC as a ‘mindfulness-training &/or awareness-practice’ masquerading as a language technique) Mindfulness Bell (Link) “Dialogue is a conversation … the … Continue reading

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Street Giraffe Consciousness

“Say as you think and speak it from your souls.” ~ William Shakespeare Most quarrels amplify a misunderstanding. – Andre Gide NVC Model (courtesy of The 2 Parts and 4 Components of NVC Two monologues do not make a … Continue reading

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December 1, 2011 ~ John Kinyon’s Enemy Image Process & Self-Connection/Intensity Practice

(courtesy of the work of Kinyon & Lasater, Founders | Mediate Your Life) Self-Connection Process Breath, Body, Need Enemy Image Process Elements of Empathy & Quotes handout John Kinyon:  Feelings and Needs Additional Handouts via Mediate Your Life Videos about “mediate your life” on Vimeo … Continue reading

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