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Re:  Our tele-practice group’s meeting time/contact-information:

For those who are ‘street giraffe veterans’ (i.e. have already participated in our Satsang-esque circle), please click on our meeting ‘wall’ here and then enter the password [to view the dial-in # & pin].

For newcomers, to possibly join our tele-practice group, which gathers on the 1st Sunday evening of each month @ 9 pm/ET, 6 pm/PT — please read beneath and then contact us at  

More irreverent NVC cartoons:

In addressing the idea of sustainability, NVC certified trainer François Beausoleil references the metaphor of a pond sustaining and nurturing its ecosystem (also noting a tie-in to the idea of ‘putting one’s oxygen mask on first’ – as per aircraft instructions).  In a testimonial, a participant in one of his courses, addressing their ‘take away’ from the Connected Match Discovery Process — see: Roadmap to Sustainability — notes what he or she came to understand:

  • “I am grateful for the information and support that I received from taking this course.  As a result I have changed my whole attitude about sustainability. I have come to value the services that I offer, and understand that for balance there needs to be an equitable exchange of energy. The energy might be in the form of money, support, goods or services. Without that fair exchange the relationship is out of balance. Getting that clarity has changed the way I do business.”  

As a facilitator of the street giraffe call, I, too, have come to see that for balance’s sake there is a need for a certain degree of ‘an equitable exchange of energy’ (and in this context, the emphasis is on the camaraderie of [emotional] support and mutual consideration – particularly in terms of the ease and harmony experienced within a group dynamic).  So it’s become apparent over time that our group’s format may not be for everyone, as it’s not a traditional empathy circle (as one example), and there is also a quality of chemistry we’re seeking from those who opt to engage.  We’ve  come to hold this as our first priority, the supportive sense that we have when in one another’s presence and a desire to continue with the highest quality of engagement possible, for learning and growth, while on the call together.  

Holding this intention in mind, if you reach out to us (here at our street giraffe tele-practice group – via, we’ll be sure to follow-up with you, first by email, to get a sense of what sparked your curiosity and field any inquiries you may have, whether about our group (by offering further details as to our background and/or how we work) and/or resources for studying NVC more broadly.  Next we’ll schedule a time to talk by phone, both to get a sense of one another’s unfolding path and gauge how best to proceed.  There is a notion within Nonviolent Communication that rather than skip to (tangible) strategies right away, it’s wiser to engage with [universal human] needs/values first.  Or to translate this into more ‘street’ lingo — it’s a principle of NVC’s consciousness to have ‘what’s at stake’ for everyone put on the table first (and foremost) and only then discuss ‘what to co-create’ together (as an organic outgrowth arising from that shared context). 

What's Up Next? (Teaser)

It would be a pleasure to lend any insight we might have as to the wealth of potential resources available — see Other NVC Learning Venues — and, at times, as our group may have openings for new participants (depending on factors such as its current size, etc.), we’d enjoy exploring the prospect of welcoming newcomers.  We’d hope to hear from anyone who would like to grow in their capacity to communicate and forge common ground…Thanks!


More irreverent NVC cartoons:

*We have an advanced digital answering service designed to process your queries whether you want to a) know what it may entail to possibly partake of our giraffe/jackal (role-play/practice-call) extravaganza; or b) perhaps may be a bit bewildered with just how one can be expected to navigate the information overload found here (!); or c) otherwise wish to consult with any other number of plausible or implausible inquires, including alternate potential strategies towards expanding your communicative tool belt!



(For international callers, to find out when the calls are in your time zone, you may find this time zone converter helpful.  If you are more visually oriented, here’s a map of the world’s time zones.)

FYI:  Beneath an Auxiliary Line Only

(NOT the dial-in # for Sunday’s call)

For those Street Giraffe participants who might opt to connect during the week, for support, please feel free to use the following line:

  • Dial-in Number:  +1 559 546 1401
  • Participant Access Code:  992130#
  • Country:  United States

Mute – *6 key
Pressing *6 will mute the line of the individual caller –
pressing *6 again will un-mute the line.

(To synchronize time zones, you may find this time zone converter helpful.  If you are more visually oriented, here’s a map of the world’s time zones.)

International Numbers

Distribute any of the following dial-in numbers — International Dial in Numbers — to callers outside of your country. The access codes provided with this account — 992130# — will connect all callers on the same conference call.

FYI ~ 

New Countries Added Often:

International Dial in Numbers
Access Code:  992130#
Country Conference Number
Australia* +61 1300 781 254
Austria +43 (0) 1 265 05 50
Canada +1 559 546 1444
Czech Republic +420 225 989 117
France +33 (0) 1 8014 0660
Germany +49 (0) 631 206 9400
Israel +972 76 599 0030
Japan +81 3 5050 5060
Mexico +52 899 274 7346
Netherlands +31 (0) 20 322 3010
Nigeria +234 1 667 0002
Portugal +351 21005 1183
Romania +40 317 807 030
South Africa +27 87 825 0130
Spain +34 91 119 6720
Switzerland +41 (0) 44 595 9040
United Kingdom** +44 (0) 784 843 2902
United States +1 559 546 1401
*This number is not accessible when calling from outside of Australia.**This is a mobile dial-in number. Please check with your phone provider for mobile calling rates.

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