Try experimenting with this journal once a week:

pen on paper: 'Dear diary'

ZENVC Journal (PDF format)

Handouts – ZENVC: The Way With and Without Words

Or, even, once a day?

Miki Kashtan’s  Gratitude Practice

“So, for a couple of months now, during a period that included some of the most challenging times in many years, I end each day lying in bed, breathing fully and slowly, and reviewing my day, looking for everything that could possibly be a source of gratitude…”

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.
Friedrich Nietzsche

 Kate Raffin  – Flowers, Tears, and Lightbulbs:
Balancing my yearning to grow with acceptance of who I am right now

Kate Raffin:

Giraffe and Jackal Journal

Flowers, Tears & Lightbulbs Journal

FYI ~ Kate Raffin journals

See More Cartoon via:

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