Living Energy of the Needs


(courtesy of the work of Robert Gonzales)

Transforming the Pain of Unmet Needs to the Beauty of Needs

Develop a Living Values Vocabulary

  • Develop a daily practice of this exercise.  The more one does this, as with a dancer’s muscle memory, the more the neurology is established (and the more seemingly effortless and fluid it becomes, as with the channeling prowess of any art/artist).

Start with Core Needs: Being at the center of one’s own life, Creativity, Meaning, Love, Life, Trust, Growth

Enjoy the Memory of the value as fully as possible.  Notice how you experience Inner physical sensations in this moment as you relive the memory.

  • The Color/Shape/Texture/Where in your body
  • Notice Inner emotional awareness
  • Notice motion/life/movement that is present inwardly (radiance, rippling, bubbling)

Fall in Love with Aliveness

Learn to value ALIVENESS more than:

  • being right
  • getting what you want in the moment
  • Learn that no one can take ALIVENESS from you




Physical Awareness

Emotional awareness




Being at the center of one’s own life

Developing a Living Values Vocabulary (Google doc)

Robert Gonzales on the Beauty Of Needs – YouTube

[PDF]  – Summary Notes from 5 Day workshop with Robert Gonzales


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