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The only learning which significantly influences behavior is self-discovered, self-appropriated learning. – Carl Rogers

Upcoming Learning Opportunities:

NVC Academy – Upcoming Live NVC Courses & NVC Multimedia Library

Miki Kashtan’s course on Naturalizing the Language of NVC 

 Fearless Heart Teleseminars 

Additional [Some Free/Inexpensive] Opportunities and/or Resources towards Building the “Street Giraffe” Muscle (see below)


More irreverent NVC cartoons: http://anvc.svenhartenstein.de

Will update periodically…

NVC [Free] Resources &/or Gift Economy:

Teleseminars with Miki Kashtan

Empathy Documentary Project: Insights into Empathy – Miki Kashtan

Spinning the Threads of Empathy: Miki Kashtan

The Fearless Heart blends theory, deep spiritual wisdom, vulnerable sharing of personal insights and experiences, radical vision, and practical tips for everyday living.

Join Miki monthly to discuss the recent posts on her blog.

Miki’s Writings | The Fearless Heart

About | The Fearless Heart

NVC Academy:
Nonviolent Communication eLearning, Training

Browse Live NVC Academy Courses

Live Telephone Practice Group

All Skill Levels

• Free Practice Group •  1.5 hours per session

Live Telephone Practice Group

Shulamit Berlevtov, Karen Barbee, and Carlene Robinson

Facilitated by an NVC trainer the second Thursday of each month. Self-led by group members the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Thursday of each month.

Course Date: Every Thursday  •  Fee: FREE

Deepen your ability to live an NVC consciousness and to foster community based on empathy and self-connection with this complimentary weekly practice group.  Details…

Free monthly teleclass offered through NVC Academy (in partnership with Compassionate Leadership):  Taste of Compassionate Leadership Free Teleclass – NVC Academy

Compassionate Leadership 

Mark your calendar for this free event on the
4th Saturday of each month at 7pm US-ET, 4pm US-PT
(9am in Sydney, the following day)

Schedule of Free Teleclasses/Recordings


Select Cache of Recordings from prior Compassionate Leadership teleconferences:

Additional sampling of teleclasses:  http://compassionateleadership.com

See also:

To get a printable pdf-format Matrix, sign up for the

Pathways to Liberation‘s email list (on right), here.

Additional Resources

NVC Mediation:

Mediate Your Life – Blog

John Kinyon on NVC-Mediation interview by Torsten Hardiess – Full Version

5 Steps of NVC-Mediation – Nonviolent Communication – by Ike Lasater

9 Skills of NVC-Mediation – Nonviolent Communication – by Ike Lasater

Immersion Training

Ike & John’s Approach to NVC Mediation

Need Behind The No Description

Need Behind the No Demonstration

MediateYourLife – YouTube

Resources for Further Study – Mediate Your Life

Empathy Documentary – Ike Lasater (1 of 3)(2 of 3)(3 of 3)

Empathy Documentary – Ike Lasater – Empathy is like a Reflecting Mountain Lake

Thumbnail image for “Connected Conversation Process” – instructional video

Communication Dojo, Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

“Connected Conversation Process” – instructional video

Here Ali Miller (www.alimillermft.com) and Communication Dojo’s New Bailey portray a couple, Debbie and Jason, who have a mildly contentious conversation. They then try using the “Connected Conversation Process,” the foundational process of the Communication Dojo, to navigate through their conflict with greater mutual understanding and connection.

TIME 100:  One of the first books Satya Nadella recommended to his staff after taking the top job at Microsoft was Nonviolent Communication, an unconventional choice for a company where aggressive communicators thrived.  (See also: CEO Nadella’s interview, “…look, let us make sure we are empathetic to each other’s needs, because it requires that.”)

Work Collaboratively « Dian Killian – Blog – About

Collaborative Communication Training:

Findings from Merck, Inc., supported by research conducted by the Center for Collaborative Communication, document significant benefits of listening skill training in the workplace.

In a two-part study jointly conducted by Merck Inc. and the Center for Collaborative Communication, significant results were found as a result of workplace communication training, including greater efficiency, effectiveness, motivation and team work. See the report here:  Summary of Impact AssessmentResearch Report &/or Resources

See also ~  Testimonials such as that of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP):  “I have recognized that there is a science to the art of communication – there are models to be used; models that can be practiced. I know how to listen to clients, understand their needs and address their issues.”

Convergent Facilitation w/ Miki Kashtan

See also:

BayNVC | Minnesota Child Custody Legislation

Aya Caspi

Aya Caspi

Aya Caspi | The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Coaching, Mediation, Facilitator-of-Connection
Mair Alight | The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Mindful Communication & Dharma Teaching:
Trainings | Oren Jay Sofer

Sarah Peyton

Teleseminars via empathybrain.com:  Facilitating Connection with Self and Others.  Consider joining NVCBrain, an on-line community devoted to exploring the convergence of neuroscience and somatic empathy.  Cache of Articles – Running on Empathy
TeleSeminars with Sarah:

Please register with Sarah Peyton at peytwood@isomedia.com.  Payment via check or paypal.

IPNB & Empathy:
Overview including our Emotional Alarm System and What Restores

[PDF]  This is Your Brain on Empathy

Sarah Peyton & Edwin Rutsch: Dialogs on How to Build a Culture of Empathy with NVC

NVC and Neuroscience :
with Susan Skye, Sarah Peyton and Linda Rysenbry

TheMarriageMediator.net (Marriage Mediation, via Skype)

Intro to Marriage Mediation – YouTube


Feel free to contact us if you’d like more context and/or tips as to how to navigate the resources listed beneath (or to learn of additional suggestions, to get the panoramic view and better discern what would best fit your particular circumstances)!

Contact:  streetgiraffe@gmail.com*


Additional Resources:

Image result for inner relationship focusing

Focusing Resources: Home Page – (Articles/Videos)

Ann Weiser Cornell talks Focusing, and how it can help you

Free E-Course:  Get Bigger Than What’s Bugging You – Focusing Resources

[PDF] Get Bigger Than What’s Bugging You! – Focusing Resources

Radical Acceptance

Self-in-Presence ** I believe that identification with Ann Weiser Cornell Ph.D.

Difficult Emotions | Dr. Ann Weiser Cornell

The Three Secrets of the Inner Critic

Healing Writer’s Block

Healing Writer’s Block Part Two

Our Library – Focusing Resources

The Focusing Institute – Gendlin Online Library

See also:  http://www.focusing.org/multimedia

Example of a short Focusing Session


Image result for transparency


Transparent Communication – Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl On the Art of Transparent Communication

Thomas Hübl: Intersubjective Practice

Listening and Attunement

Image result for transparency

NICABM – Mindfulness, Spirituality in Healing, Trauma Therapy
(Free Webinars)

Meditation for Evolutionaries – Integral Enlightenment
(Free Monthly Meditations)

Terry Patten on “What is Beyond Awakening”?

Terry Patten | Author. Teacher. (R)evolutionary.

Terry Patten – Integral Spiritual Practice

Contact:  streetgiraffe@gmail.com*

*We have an advanced digital answering service designed to process your queries whether you want to a) explore opportunities to ‘stretch your neck’ (i.e. how to engage in  a myriad of ‘giraffe’ practice-calls, etc.); or b) perhaps may be a bit bewildered with just how one can be expected to navigate the information overload found on this website (!); or c) otherwise wish to consult with any other number of resources (all plausible or implausible inquires welcome)!

One Response to Other NVC Learning Venues

  1. Mair says:

    Wow! Pamela! Thank you so much for all of the links and information about what I am offering! This so supports the world we are co-creating! I want my grandchildren to grow up to study war in school as HISTORY instead of Current Events! With 7 billion people on the planet I calculate the tipping point to be around 140 million adapting Nonviolent Communication as a way to connect that will co-create a world that works for all. I sense we are almost there!

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