Marshall Rosenberg

Puppetmaster Rosenberg

Positive News:  Peacemaker Marshall Rosenberg Leaves Lasting Legacy of Nonviolent Communication

“A dedicated teacher, peacemaker and charismatic visionary, over his lifetime Rosenberg led NVC workshops and intensive trainings for thousands of people in over 60 countries.”

Marshall Rosenberg, who passed away on 7 February 2015
Photo © Centre for Nonviolent Communication

International peacemaker and founder of the Centre for Nonviolent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg passed away last month. Daren De Witt recounts his remarkable life and how he helped spread Nonviolent Communication throughout the world  (read more here)

Buddha Rosenberg

Nonviolent Communication – San Francisco Workshop

Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC Quote Collection

Nonviolent Communication Training Course – Marshall Rosenberg –

“Nonviolent Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg – Chptr. 1

Chapter One

by Marshall Rosenberg

(courtesy of – The Center for Nonviolent Communication)

A Definition of NVC:

The purpose of Nonviolent Communication is to strengthen our ability to inspire compassion from others and to respond compassionately to others and ourselves in order to create a quality of connection with others in which everyone’s needs are equally valued and met through natural giving.  This approach to communication emphasizes compassion  rather than fear, guilt, shame or coercion as the motivation  for action. It is about getting what you want for reasons  you will not regret later. With these processes, you can  empower yourself to make conscious, responsible choices, so others will hear the way you want to be heard.

Sven Hartenstein’s cartoons: 

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