(Provisional Outline)


Street-Dispatches w/ the Self-Assessment Matrix et als.

+ Further Fluency w/ Observations, Feelings, Needs & Requests



Tele-Practice Outline

Provisional  Outline of “Street Giraffe” Practice Call:


Street-Dispatches w/  MatrixCore Commitments
and/or the Key Assumptions and Intentions of NVC
Fluency w/ Expression of our Observations/Interpretations,  Feelings,
[Living-EnergyNeedsRequests – (i.e.  Improvisational OFNR)

Dialogue is a conversation … the outcome of which is unknown.”  — Martin Buber

III ~ Street-Dispatches –

Next, while focusing on an material from our own lives, we will cultivate NVC consciousness by illuminating which of the various guiding principles may be in  play (while refining, even further, our expressivity):

Pick a situation in which you are struggling to connect and all you can come up with is judgments, demands, etc.

Write down what you said or what you would say if you opened your mouth.  Then pick one commitment* or one intention** or skill*** from the reference materials that feels relevant to the situation, and imagine applying it. Write down how your language might change if you aligned your heart with the intention or commitment you picked.

*Core [Consciousness Transformation] Commitments

**Key Assumptions and Intentions of NVC – BayNVC

***Radical Compassion – Pathways to Liberation MATRIX

Listen to a recording re: Matrix of Self-Assessment
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The 2 Parts and 4 Components of NVC

NVC Model

Two monologues do not make a dialogue.
~ Jeff Daly

Building the Street Giraffe Muscle

The emotional brain responds to an event more quickly than the thinking brain.
Daniel Goleman

Developing a Living Values Vocabulary

“Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.”
~ Audre Lorde

ANVC (Almost Nonviolent Communication) Cartoons by Sven Hartenstein

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