Tele-Practice Outline

Street NVC Practice

Giraffe wallpapers

Tele-Practice Outline

Dialogue is a conversation … the outcome of which is unknown.”  — Martin Buber


Provisional  Outline of “Street Giraffe” Practice Call:

I.  Check-in – essentializing w/ naturalized expression of OFNR (“40 Words” or less)
II.  Self-Connection – OFNR* (the root of ‘stealth NVC/street giraffe’)
III. Street-Dispatches w/Matrix** + Fluency w/Feelings & [Living-EnergyNeeds
IV.  “Bricks & Mortar” – Fleshing out Universal Needs: Word-to-Phrase***
V.  “Blueprint” – Dialogue/Role Play w/iGiraffe (Experiments: NVC Consciousness)
VI.  Check-out – Flowers, Tears & Lightbulbs w/ Connection Requests

For more detailed information, please view either the  Practice-Resources tab & Tabs III , III, IV, V, VI

ZENVC – “iGiraffe”

Illustration: Giraffe compared with adult man

“How To” Naturalize (Description of Exercises: outlined below)

(NVC as a ‘mindfulness-training’ &/or ‘awareness-practice’
masquerading as a language technique

*’sThe Yoga of Self-Connection (PDF format)

Tab I – Alternative self-connection exercises, i.e. Mary Mackenzie’s Daily Needs Meditation

Check in – Tab II:  Why practice street expressions of  OFNR?  As an NVC form of “Wax on, Wax off…”  (See – Karate Kid Lesson 1 (Wax on Wax off) – YouTube and Karate Kid Wax on Wax offPart 2 -YouTube)

**  Tab III – “Dispatches from the Street” w/Matrix | Pathways to Liberation (i.e. someone volunteers to share an anecdote from their lives/week, framing any NVC wisdom to be gleaned via the Matrix). [Listen to a recording of how to utilize Pathways to Liberation: Matrix of Self-assessment via Compassionate Leadership.]  Optional practice:  Fluency with conveying Feelings & [Living-Energy] of Needs  — (note: “Feelings” that blame).

***Ripped-from-the-Headlines [See Tab IV for examples of Word-to-Phrase exercise]

Tab V  – Varies from week-to-week, as indicated atop our home page, includes practice with Dialogue [Lab] utilizing “iGiraffe

Check-out: VI  — Flowers-Tears-&-Lightbulbs (a.k.a. celebration/mourning/insight); alternatively a brief expression of an NVC intention, for the upcoming week.  [Utilizing tools:  Kashtan’s Connection Requests document optional.]

Any inquiries about joining our peer-led “Street Giraffe” practice group, which takes place on Sundays @ 9 pm/ET, may be directed to our email:

See also:  Practice Resources (tab) and/or Shifting to Needs Consciousness (tab) referencing Manfred Max Neef’sFundamental Human Needs

A giraffe

As you cultivate a needs consciousness, you are ready to move into         
Street Giraffe

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

Mahatma Gandhi
Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 – 1948)

How does one get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice…

From the author, Piero Ferrucci, who begins his chapter on empathy, in a book titled The Power of Kindness, with this instrumental analogy:


“Although I am not a musician, I once had the opportunity to hold in my hands an exquisitely made violin dating to the eighteenth century.  What amazed me, even more than its harmonious lines or the beautiful grain of its wood, was that, holding it, I could feel it vibrate.  It was not an inert object.  It resonated with the various sounds that happened to resonate around it:  another violin, a tram passing in the street, a human voice.  If you hold an ordinary, factory-made violin, that just doesn’t happen.  There can be hundreds of sounds around it and the violin remains numb.  In order to obtain that fine sensitivity and extraordinary resonance of the old violin, the makers had to had an exceptional knowledge of wood and its seasoning; they were supported by the artisan tradition of generations, and they were endowed with the talent of cutting the wood and furnishing the instrument.  This marvelous responsiveness is an active virtue.  It is the capacity of the violin to enter into resonance, and it goes hand in hand with its capacity to create sound of extraordinary quality — music with a soul, able to move and to inspire.  We human are, or at least can be, like that violin.”

Default Re: Streetify.

In modern prose and poetry ‘street’ is used to define non-mainstream, a form of anti-establishment. It probably means to disassociate from what is regarded as ‘establishment’ …


Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life.

For more detailed information, please view either the  Practice-Resources tab & the Outline Tabs III , III, IV, V, VI

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