Assessing Capacity for Conversations

Referrals for NVC MediationNVC Mentoring/Coaching
(via phone/Skype), or to have a conversation as to what is meant by Mediating One’s Life, you’re welcome to visit John Kinyon‘s 3Chairs Conversations Project (be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page where free resources are offered), visit the NVC Mediation Facebook Page , reach out to, and/or contact Pamela:
Contact via email here

Auguste Renoir Conversation
Auguste Renoir – “Conversation”
Courtesy of Bjoertvedt (via Wikimedia Commons)

Several friends, who are also NVC mediators, that I would recommend:

Godfrey Spencer

Aya Caspi

Glyn Conlon

Kate Raffin

When Are You Ready to Have a Difficult Conversation


Additional Resources:

3Chairs Conversations Project

CNVC certified trainers (directory) | The Center for Nonviolent Communication
About Mediate Your Life Training – Founders/Blog/Handouts

“If our connection depends on hiding my authentic self, the relationship is neither a true nor a sustainable connection.” ~ Miki Kashtan, 
The Little Book of Courageous Living

John Kinyon’s

3Chairs Project for Difficult Conversations That Change Our World